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No, only the Routemaster double deckers. More modern ones are still being introduced to London. Well, I say modern, the front entrance, one person operated, rear engine bus was first introduced in the early sixties but London is still holding on to its front engine, rear entrance buses even though some are now 50 years old. Apparently it is now unsafe to have an open platform on public transport so they are phasing this London landmark out this year. These Routemasters are largely being replaced by single deck articulated bendy buses. If you visit London in a few years time the buses will all be modern double or single deckers with maybe one or two Heritage Routes planned for historic Routemaster operation.

Not a single diesel bus will be procured again in Singapore. Electric and hybrids only

From Wikipedia the free encyclopedia. A double-decker bus is a bus that has two storeys or decks. Double-decker buses are used for mass transport in the United Kingdom, Europe, Asia and many former European possessions, the most iconic example being the red London bus , namely the AEC Routemaster. Early double-deckers put the driver in a separate cab.

Way back in , when Mr. Morton first wanted to expand single-deck bus operation in Sunderland, there was no problem. The Guy Arab L.U.F. chassis was.

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Features may include air conditioning, Wi-Fi, luggage racks and adjustable seats. At Tradus, you can find used transit buses, autobuses and general passenger buses by all the big brands. Designed for comfort, coaches are well-suited for tourism and long-distance trips. Many feature under-deck luggage compartments and an onboard toilet, making them suitable for international trips and excursions.

Many tour buses are luxuriously appointed with reclining seats and state-of-the-art media systems. Some also have a small sleeping area for the driver. Transit and articulated buses are commonly used for public transport.

VST 12.5 Metre Single Deck Bus

The Post War Years In post war production got underway with the introduction of a single deck ‘Arab’ and the reintroduction of the pre-war version of the ‘Arab’ double decker. The single deck version had a 17 ft. All chassis were road tested by travelling from the factory to Bridgnorth and back.

Leyland claimed they were the first double-decker buses with one man operation. They had two staircases and two pairs of doors. The Atlanteans were not.

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Double-decker bus

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The MAN NLxx3F is a series of low-floor single-decker city bus chassis between to metres length, offered by MAN since , with internal code A

High-quality bus chassis for all requirements and deployment purposes provide the optimal flexibility to assert yourself on the market with your own ideas. Proven MAN quality always ensures a solid foundation for your success. Our body-friendly chassis provide you with maximum possibilities and meet all your expectations when it comes to innovation and power, dynamics and comfort, cost-efficiency and environmental friendliness.

No matter what you need, MAN has the solution. With their limitless versatility, the MAN Bus chassis can easily meet all requirements. Suitable for every application, every destination, every country and every demand — there are no limits to your imagination when it comes to design.

MAN single deck bus 2588

Integrated body and chassis constructed of stainless steel, fully welded, with alloy and composite flooring. This and other light weight components give the vehicle a tare weight of approximately 10, kg, depending on chassis weight and final specification. The fully loaded weight is approximately 16, kg and 84 passengers. A choice of bonded or aluminium framed windows.

passengers as a single-decker, and of 54 passengers, half below and half above, when about our cities. The design for a light, fast, single-deck, one-man bus.

The first match of the new season delivered the perfect surrounding for handing over the well-equipped NEOPLAN Skyliner to the players, who will travel to future matches as comfortable as possible. Appearances can be deceiving, as you discover when you step inside the latest addition to FC Porto team main team technical team: on the lower deck, a state of the art kitchen provides a pleasant cosiness during the journey, while the galley and its ceramic hob as well as a fridge freezer offer the very best catering facilities.

The do-a-dos tables allow comfortable meetings for the coaches, technical staff and players. The special features on the upper deck are even more obvious: anyone who climbs the stairs of the double-decker bus will find themselves amongst top of the range individual seats mounted on each side for the players, allowing up to 20 players to rest comfortably with plenty of space. The integrated hi-fi equipment and multimedia system with various monitors create the appropriate atmosphere on board.

It goes without saying that power sockets next to the all seats are indispensable, as are refrigerators on the upper and lower decks. A dual-zone rear air conditioning system that can regulate the upper and lower decks individually, a convector heater and two step unit heaters all maintain the perfect climate while on the road. Once at the matches, this task is assumed by a stationary air conditioning system with an electric air conditioning compressor in the luggage compartment.

To ensure the highest safety on the road while travelling, the bus is equipped with the latest and state of the art assistance systems, including emergency braking assistance EBA , adaptive cruise control ACC and a lane guard system LGS , not to mention the electronically controlled shock absorbers of the MAN ComfortDriveSuspension CDS. These all make sure that this very special double-decker is perfectly equipped for its tours throughout Europe.

115 Single Deck Bus Premium High Res Photos

This list is probably the most comprehensive around, and I try to keep it as up to date as possible. I have included buses and coaches converted to trucks or breakdown vehicles and ‘chassis only’ entries, and include all British buses i. It’s a bit difficult to decide whether a vehicle should be included if it was once a halfcab, but isn’t now e.

cert. 07/ MAN A91 single-deck coach with Asia Aero.

A single-decker bus or single-decker is a bus that has a single deck for passengers. Normally the use of the term single-decker refers to a standard two- axled rigid bus , in direct contrast to the use of the term double-decker bus , which is essentially a bus with two passengers decks and a staircase. These types of single-deckers may feature one or more doors, and varying internal combustion engine positions.

In regions where double-deckers are not common, the term single-decker may lack common usage, as in one sense, all other main types of bus have a single deck. Also, the term may become synonymous with the name transit bus or related terms, which can correctly be applied to double-deckers too. With the exception of regions of major double deck or articulated bus operation, usually urban areas , the single decker is the standard mode of public transport bus travel, increasingly with low floor features.

With their origins in van chassis, minibuses are not usually considered single-deckers , although modern minibus designs blur this distinction. Midibuses can also be regarded as both included with and separate from standard single-deckers, in terms of full size length and vehicle weights, although again design developments have seen this distinction blurred. Some coach style buses that do not have underfloor luggage space can also be correctly termed as single-deckers, with some sharing standard bus chassis designs, such as the Volvo B10M , with a different body style applied.

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MAN NL323F (A22) – Euro 6

GBP 12, All of our models are carefully photographed and inspected prior to being advertised, to check they are in mint condition after long term storage. We specialise in keeping and sourcing rare models, long sold out elsewhere. Includes collectible box. Model is in mint condition.

Bus designs have a broad range of capacities and purposes from standard single​-deck city or transit buses, to minibuses, midibuses.

Our buses fall into 3 categories:. By clicking on the headings on the left, you can open up details of each individual vehicle and other major artefacts. The majority of our buses — up to 30 at any one time — are always on display in the Museum. They are arranged in a walk-through timeline in galleries representing each significant era in the development of the London bus. Although on display, most of these buses are in working order and also appear on the road from time to time.

They are much in demand for film and TV work. Each gallery features a background diorama of a contemporary street-scene together with displays of information and associated small artefacts. Here is a diagram of the museum display layout you can enlarge it by clicking on it followed by details of the galleries. The numbers on the diagram correspond to the gallery numbers below:.

There followed great leaps forward in the modern motor bus: diesel engines replaced petrol and semi-automatic transmission preselector gearboxes with fluid flywheels and power brakes all appeared in the early s together with a pleasing elegance of design and improved passenger comfort.

MAN Bus chassis

The MP MX model features technological innovations and unique items for increased comfort, ergonomics and safety. Marcopolo and Polomex, its bus production operation in Mexico, are completing the development of a unique double-decker coach, which will initially be provided for IAMSA, one of the main transport operators in that country. The new Marcopolo MP MX is exclusively for the Mexican market and incorporates technological innovations and novel items to meet customer demands.

It also offers superior standards of comfort, safety, and ergonomics.

Double-decker buses are used for mass transport in the United But this type of vehicle was withdrawn in because one of them fifteen double-decker buses, with the model MAN A39 (same ones as in Berlin).

To upgrade the quality of its bus fleet, KMB is introducing 60 new single-deck buses this year. The new buses will be deployed to operate on routes with lower passenger demand and to replace retired single-deck buses to achieve better deployment of bus resources. KMB has been implementing service rationalisation programmes to enable redeployment of resources from low utilisation routes to areas of increasing demand.

This helps ease the traffic flow on busy roads and contributes to less fuel consumption and fewer emissions. In response to changes in passenger demand, KMB has been introducing more single-deck buses to its fleet to achieve a better combination of bus types of various capacity in line with its aim of improving its efficiency in the provision of quality bus services.

This year, all the new generation models of KMB single-deck buses are equipped with the Euro V engine. The introduction of buses offering different capacities helps KMB meet the changes in travel demand of passengers on different routes, with concomitant gains in terms of a more flexible deployment of bus resources, more efficient bus operations and a cleaner environment. A part of the new single-deck buses will be used to replace retired single-deck buses.

Some of the buses introduced this year have been operating on Routes 53 and , which are mainly bus routes in the New Territories. In addition, KMB will arrange for new single-deck buses to operate on routes which do not have sufficient passenger demand to justify the use of double-deck buses. As part of its route development programme this year, KMB has submitted proposals on the deployment of single-deck buses to relevant District Councils for consultation, and the implementation of the proposals will be subject to the approval of the Transport Department.

Ho added, “Single-deck buses account for 3.

Bus Models

A double-decker bus is a bus that has two storeys or decks. Double-decker buses are used for mass transport in the United Kingdom, Europe, Asia and many former European possessions, the most iconic example being the red London bus. Early double-deckers put the driver in a separate cab. Passenger access was via an open platform at the rear, and a bus conductor would collect fares. Modern double-deckers have a main entrance door at the front, and the driver takes fares, thus halving the number of bus workers aboard, but slowing the boarding process.

Discovery Bay Transport Services Ltd (DBTSL) is introducing ten brand new Euro 5 and two Euro 6 MAN single-deck buses to its fleet this.

Buses are road vehicles designed specifically for the function of carrying many passengers simultaneously. Commonly planned and scheduled as an essential component of a city, local, or regional transportation network, buses come in a variety of types and sizes to service specific demands. Bus designs have a broad range of capacities and purposes from standard single-deck city or transit buses, to minibuses, midibuses, double-decker, articulated, school, and coach buses. Buses are utilitarian forms of public transportation that continue to serve a large population of people around the world.

Wikipedia – Bus. Minibuses, or shuttle buses, are vehicles with passenger capacities below the larger full-size bus and more than the smaller minivan. Designed to service a variety of flexible transport needs, minibuses often augment public transportation networks by helping as a smaller scale on-demand vehicle typically used for small chartered groups, taxi shares, airport services, and small corporate groups. Articulated buses are extended buses linking together two or more sections with pivoting joints to meet higher passenger capacities while still allowing the bus to maneuver appropriately.

Designed for maximum efficiency and typically incorporated into mass rapid bus transit systems, articulated buses are designed with single-deck or double-decker bodies for even higher capacity needs. Drawings include: Articulated Bus side elevation driver , side passenger , front, back, plan. Wikipedia – Articulated Bus. City buses, or transit buses, are types of buses used for servicing short to medium distance trips.

Typically a part of a publicly scheduled bus service network, city buses are designed to maximize capacity for rush-hour demands and are therefore equipped with simple benches or bucket seats without additional luggage spaces. With built-in features that usually include multiple doors, pull cords or stop request buttons, passenger information systems, and low-floor technology for greater accessibility, city buses are designed for safe, efficient, and equal public access.

General concept Skyliner

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