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Lee Cantrell, an associate professor of clinical pharmacology at the University of California, San Diego, with a collection of vintage expired medications. Sandy Huffaker for ProPublica hide caption. The box of prescription drugs had been forgotten in a back closet of a retail pharmacy for so long that some of the pills predated the moon landing. Most were 30 to 40 years past their expiration dates — possibly toxic, probably worthless. But to Lee Cantrell, who helps run the California Poison Control System, the cache was an opportunity to answer an enduring question about the actual shelf life of drugs: Could these drugs from the bell-bottom era still be potent? Cantrell called Roy Gerona, a University of California, San Francisco researcher who specializes in analyzing chemicals.

Expiration dating drugs

An expiration date is a date after which a consumable product such as food or medicine should not be used because it may be spoiled, damaged, or ineffective. The term expiration date also refers to the date that a drug patent expires. Expiration dates are especially important for medications because they offer the only indication about whether the product is still safe to use. Food items, on the other hand, often look or smell bad when they have passed their “best-buy” dates.

Certain medications can be fatal to children or pets if they ingest even the smallest amount; these should be flushed down the sink or toilet once they pass their expiration date.

The expiration date is the date after which a consumable product like food or medicine should not be used because it may be spoiled.

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You reach into the fridge and pull out a tub of yogurt or grab a can of soup from the cabinet. They are manufacturer guidelines for when food is at its peak quality, a standard that is more concerned with taste and sales than consumer welfare. According to a NRDC Report , more than 90 percent of Americans may be tossing out food prematurely because of a misunderstanding of date labels.

As a matter of fact, the requirement for expiration dating was deferred from an earlier date until January 1, , to allow sufficient time for revision of the GMP.

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Expiration Dating: 3 Ways To Deal With The Bad Timing Of Your Romantic Relationship

Last updated on Jul 22, For many patients, these questions arise because medications can be expensive and it is costly to frequently replace expired — but unused — medications. But is it safe to use medicines past their expiration date? The expiration date is the final day that the manufacturer guarantees the full potency and safety of a medication.

Drug expiration dates exist on most medication labels, including prescription, over-the-counter OTC and dietary herbal supplements. For legal and liability reasons, manufacturers will not make recommendations about the stability of drugs past the original expiration date.

Billions of dollars of food is thrown out each year because of confusion between sell-by dates and expiration dates. Here’s how to decode these dates.

PDF version. Are dates required on these food products? Does it mean the product will be unsafe to use after that date? Here is some background information answering these and other questions about product dating. What is Food Product Dating? Two types of product dating may be shown on a product label. The calendar date provides consumers with information on the estimated period of time for which the product will be of best quality and to help the store determine how long to display the product for sale.

Except for infant formula, product dating is not required by Federal regulations. For meat, poultry, and egg products under the jurisdiction of the Food Safety and Inspection Service FSIS , dates may be voluntarily applied provided they are labeled in a manner that is truthful and not misleading and in compliance with FSIS regulations 2. To comply, a calendar date must express both the month and day of the month.

In the case of shelf-stable and frozen products, the year must also be displayed. Additionally, immediately adjacent to the date must be a phrase explaining the meaning of that date such as “Best if Used By.

Understanding Expiration Dates: How do I know when my food’s gone bad?

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For those materials where shelf life information is a requirement, expiration and retest periods are available at the batch level. When dating is indicated by month​.

Our websites may use cookies to personalize and enhance your experience. By continuing without changing your cookie settings, you agree to this collection. For more information, please see our University Websites Privacy Notice. Often people open up their refrigerators, cupboards and cabinets to find foods that are beyond their sell- buy and use- buy dates. While it is always better to be safe than sorry, the following guidelines and information should help to take the guesswork out of determining whether or not your food is safe to eat.

Dating is not required by US Federal law, with the exception of infant formula and baby foods which must be withdrawn by their expiration date. For all other foods, except dairy products in some states, freshness dating is strictly voluntary on the part of manufacturers. For meat, poultry, and egg products under the jurisdiction of the Food Safety and Inspection Service FSIS , dates may be voluntarily applied provided they are not misleading and labeled in a manner that is in compliance with FSIS regulations.

Also stores are not legally required to remove outdated products from their shelves. In order to ensure you getting the freshest food, it is necessary to scrutinize packaging and purchase the items with the most recent date. Although most markets are good about rotating their stock, some are not. If a store is properly stocked, the freshest items will be at the back of the shelf or underneath older items.

While other dating terms are used as a basic guideline, this one is absolute. Food is generally safe if consumed past this date, but may have deteriorated in flavor, texture, or appearance.

Are You Wasting Your Time With “Expiration Dating”?

There is no uniform or universally accepted system used for food dating in the United States. Depending on which food you are buying, the date on the package could be a recommendation on when it should be sold by or when it should be eaten by. Since confusion surrounding a date could mean throwing out perfectly good food, here are some tips about food package dates and storage for some common foods on your shopping list. Open dating use of a calendar date is found primarily on the package of perishable foods such as meat, poultry, eggs and dairy products.

Except for “use-by” dates, product dates don’t always refer to home storage and use after purchase. See the accompanying refrigerator charts for storage times of dated products.

Expiration Date of a Chemical Standard. By Paul Gaines, Ph.D. and Christopher Gaines. The Facts. FACT.

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A beyond-use date is a date placed on a prescription by a pharmacy for compounded medications they prepare, noting when that prescription should no longer be used. This date is determined by the pharmacy when they prepare a compound prescription based on different factors, including:. The beyond-use date is different than an expiration date of a drug.

Current date labels on packaged foods aren’t user-friendly, Frank Yiannas, the FDA’s deputy commissioner for food policy and response, said.

The Western world is notorious for overconsumption. We’re stuck in a never-ending cycle of buying, consuming, and throwing out, without thinking about the real effects of this cycle. Hand-in-hand with this overconsumption is the massive amounts of waste that we produce. One of the most apparent examples of this is the many terms used to outline when food should be consumed by.

However, this date does not indicate when your food is no longer safe to consume. This translates into hundreds of dollars literally thrown away each year by American households. Sell by dates should only be paid attention to by retailers. They literally mean nothing to consumers. The sell by date just tells grocers the last day that they should keep the product on the shelves. This is the real date you should pay attention to.

After the date specified, your food might not be the freshest it can be. One of the biggest misconceptions about dates on food is that it’s uniform across all food industries. The Food Safety and Inspection Service FSIS only notes that ” dates may be voluntarily added provided they are labeled in a manner that is truthful and not misleading.

How do these dates even get developed?

Expiration date (YYMMDD)

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The FDA actually has a program in place for expiration date extension for drugs held in the national stockpile of medications. Often, participating.

This is a good question and deserves an answer. Homeopathic remedies are also exempt from expiration dating see 21 CFR Section However, we were uncertain whether there are current and generally available methods to determine the expiration dating of other dietary ingredients. We did not propose to require expiration dating because we had insufficient scientific information to determine the biological activity of certain dietary ingredients used in dietary supplements, and such information would be necessary to determine an expiration date.

Further, because official validated testing methods e. Association of Official Analytical Chemists [AOAC International] , for dietary supplements are evolving, especially for botanical dietary ingredients, such methods are not always available to assess the strength of a dietary ingredient in a dietary supplement. A dietary supplement company may use either the date of expiration or of manufacture. Either is acceptable for cGMP compliance. Not only does the FDA eschew requiring an Expiration Date and specific methods for determining one, but also notes that there are currently no reliable methods to measure the shelf life of many of the ingredients found in dietary supplements.

This leaves a large gaping hole in the ability of any dietary supplement company to determine a valid Expiration Date for its products. There are several approaches dietary supplement companies have taken to creating an Expiration Date. They may have selected a single ingredient in a multiple ingredient formula to test for shelf life, or tested multiple ingredients and averaged their shelf life or chose one to be representative.

However, this may be quite misleading.

How to navigate a relationship with an expiration date

Companies could, in theory avoid expiration dating and the entire hassle of measuring product stability over time. However, many retailers do require an expiration date as a term of sale. Some brands still elect to not place an expiration date on their products and some others place a manufacture date on the product instead of an expiration date.

Consumers also expect to see an expiration date so one can question the logic from a business perspective of companies who dodge this issue. Because the FDA does not specifically have a requirement for shelf life or expiration dating, many variations of the data are provided in the marketplace.

Some foods spoil quickly after their expiration dates, which increases your risk of foodborne illness. Here are the worst culprits.

When we check the expiration date and find that it expired two days ago…we become skeptical. Hesitantly, we take a whiff…non-conclusive. Some brave people might bite the bullet and actually have a taste, but many people err on the side of caution, and discard that gallon…down the drain. Growing that food uses 30 million acres of land an area about the size of Pennsylvania , 78 million pounds of pesticide, and 4.

This sort of waste not only impacts our natural resources, it also costs consumers. Food Waste has become a global issue. The image above represents While some amount of food loss is unavoidable, there seems to be an incredible opportunity to reduce waste at the household level. This starts with encouraging conscious consumption. There are numerous food labels that can help us make those quick, informed, choices. Expiration dates are commonly found on packaged food items, most noticeably on dairy and meat products.

However, expiration dates mean something different to manufacturers and retailers. By providing information about when food was made, or how long its quality might be maintained, stores can use them to decide how long to display products, and when to pull them off the shelf.

Top 5 Facts about Expiration Dates

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