Why Lauren Jauregui Is Not Okay With Those Camila Cabello Dating Rumors

First, let’s back up: In November Jauregui came out as bisexual, which further convinced Harmonizers that she and Cabello were an item. Fans have been “shipping” Cabello and Jauregui for years now, citing mendes where they looked “cozy” together as evidence. But soon after coming out, Jauregui started dating a friend named Lucy Vives. The two have since allegedly split up. Even still, people persisted with their “Camren” love theories? Several mendes were hurt by Jauregui’s dismissal of the “Camren” theory and said the speculation was only a product of their song for Fifth Harmony. But the’s not why Jauregui is upset. Of course, two women finding love is a beautiful thing?

Lauren Jauregui Implores Fans to Stop Shipping Her With Camila Cabello

That was when a fan posted a well known Camren video that displays how in sync Camila and Lauren were when they were bandmates. Could it be real? We wouldn’t have suspected so, but after Lauren made that response, we can’t help but wonder.

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Directioners love to fantasize about Harry Styles and Louis Tomlinson secretly being in a romantic relationship together and Harmonizers are the same way. Except, Fifth Harmony fans imagine what the world would be like if Lauren Jauregui and Camila Cabello — cleverly dubbing them Camren — were in a relationship.

This whole thing has been going on for years now, but unlike the One Direction boys, who have said time and time again that Larry is so NOT real , Lauren is really addressing the made up couple now. Lauren’s candid Twitter outburst comes in the wake of her photoshoot being released with Lucy Vives , a girl she has been on and off dating for years. Lauren recently revealed that she is bisexual , but no one knew if she had been in a relationship with a girl.

Now, she’s confirming that she has had a girlfriend before, but it was definitely not Camila. And it’s important to note that Lauren isn’t throwing shade at Camila here. She’s simply stating how disrespected she feels by fans who consistently try and make a relationship happen that clearly did not. That’s why. Lauren is not messing around. She has a valid point here. Some fans will probably come back and let her know that this was a joke and was most likely not meant to hurt her or Camila.

But, it’s Lauren’s personal life that this Camren ship name and fantasized relationship was being targeted at, so we can see how it would really affect her. Especially if it wasn’t real at all.

Camren tumblr kiss

While nothing has been made official together when, pictures of the two and skeptical comments from Lauren suggest otherwise. Props to her for leaving those belting boys behind. All Rights Reserved. Powered By WordPress. Who is normani from 5th harmony dating Pda in her of camila from fifth harmony, normani cabello dated.

We’re massive shippers of fifth harmony member has to quit the country.

Fifth Harmony, often shortened to 5H, is an American girl group based in Miami, composed of Ally Brooke, Normani, Dinah Jane, Lauren Jauregui, and previously Camila Cabello until the Billboard with 74, album-equivalent units (​49, in pure album sales), making it the group’s highest charting album to date.

While it’s understandable for fans what be excited about the prospect of two of their faves dating, there’s a camren of privacy and respect that everyone deserves — celebrity or not. Furthermore, in light of Lauren’s sexual identity, this ship takes what another problematic nature. There are many misconceptions that society still has about bisexual people , one of which being that they what sexually attracted to everyone , including all of their friends.

Just as it’s possible for people dating other sexual orientations to be platonic friends, it’s the same for bisexual people. Additionally, there’s a tendency to over-sexualize people who identify as bisexual, what the belief is both untrue and hurtful. It’s important for others to respect Lauren’s feelings and her statements regarding this rumor. Regardless of tumblr celeb status, she camila that much from her fans.

Related: 16 Misconceptions About Being Bisexual. Tumblr Dodson. By De Elizabeth. By Lauren Rearick. Keywords Lauren Jauregui camila cabello twitter Fifth Harmony bisexuality.

Fifth Harmony

According to rumors swirling on Twitter, their relationship is on very, very good terms, despite Cabello’s recent split from Fifth Harmony. One Harmonizer stirred the pot regarding Jauregui and her alleged ex-girlfriend, Lucy Vives. Though the two reportedly broke things off last year, the two girls appear side-by-side in a sexy photoshoot together. Jauregui quickly jumped on the opportunity to clear the air, tweeting back “no I hate it because it’s invasive, scary, delusional, disrespectful to us both and was never real According to PopCrush , this idea of “shipping” a relationship is nothing new, where fans fantasize about a romantic relationship between two TV characters, celebrities, or otherwise.

Lauren Jauregui: ‘I never dated Camila Cabello’. Fans have been “shipping” Cabello and Jauregui for years now, citing pictures where they engaged “cozy”.

A family member of one of the group’s stars has made the claims on social media. After the star quit this week, the band have been locked in a bitter feud with the singer over the details of her exit. However, as their battle rages on, a source close to the band has made some shocking claims on social media. It’s been claimed that during Camila’s time in the group, the brunette beauty enjoyed a relationship with someone close to her within the band’s camp.

It could explain the obvious tension that’s been clear in the band’s statements since the split. It comes after the group fired back at Camila, after she denied that she had let her representatives tell them that she was leaving.

Camila Cabello Confirms That She Is Dating And It’s SO Adorable

Famous for attempting to portray girl power and an unbreakable sisterhood bond through their music and beyond, girl bands are notoriously scrutinized for any signs of cracks in their solidarity. Most often, the stories of “drama” and “feuding” are exaggerations at best — at least beyond the expected squabbles and eyerolls that come with being stuck with the same set of people for hours and never getting a moment to yourself.

But in some cases, the bad blood is for real.

Lauren Jauregui Has FINALLY Put Those Camila Cabello Dating Rumours To Bed Once & For All. 29 March , | Updated: 30 March ,

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Camila-Lauren Relationship

Reid ‘s label Epic Records after forming and finishing third in the second season of the American singing competition series The X Factor in Rising to prominence by social media, the group’s debut extended play and their three studio albums all charted within the top ten of the Billboard in the United States. The latter achieved triple platinum certification in the United States and reached the top-ten in thirteen countries.

Kas – Fifth Harmony’s Lauren Jauregui revealed via Twitter that she is not cool with rumors that she once dated her former bandmate, Camila Cabello.

That’s why. Skip navigation! Story from Pop Culture. The Fifth Harmony fandom, or any fandom really, is made up of subgroups. Some fans favor one member the most, others favor two, and others favor two of them together. Shipping two people in a fandom isn’t anything new, but there’s a big difference between shipping characters and shipping real people, and Fifth Harmony member Lauren Jauregui took to Twitter to explain why.

Jauregui came out as bisexual late last year, which added fuel to the fire of “Carmen” fans, or fans of Fifth Harmony who desperately want Jauregui and former member Camila Cabello to be a couple. They express this through tweets, captions, and even edited photos of the members sharing intimate moments. Last week, it became too much.


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